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Carindale Grooming Salon




Carindale Grooming Salon is conveniently located onsite at Carindale Veterinary Surgery, giving you peace of mind that your best friend is receiving the best possible care.  Regular grooming is an essential part of keeping your cat or dog healthy and happy.  Not only do they look and feel fantastic after visiting the salon,  it ensures that the coat and skin remain healthy.

Our Grooming Salon

Pet Stylists Catherine and Elise are on hand to keep your pets looking their best Monday to Friday, with several drop off times available.  They are able to cater to a variety of special haircuts and treatments,  from new style trims and clips to just a tidy up of those hygiene areas. We understand that every breed requires something a little bit different, always the perfectionists, Catherine and Elise will hand scissor your pet’s haircut to get it just right. 


To book or for more information please call the clinic on 3849 4912 or use our convenient online grooming booking form. Our team will give you a call to confirm your preferred date.  Convenient pick up and drop off is also available.

Check out our list of services below:

Pamper Menu

  • Kitty Kats

    Does your Kitty need a spruce up? Full clips, belly clips, and even baths. We ensure the environment is relaxed and calm during their visit. Our gentle and caring Pet Stylist is very experienced and can often groom without sedation. If kitty is a bit nervous we recommend sedation which is administered by a veterinarian and monitored by our qualified team.
  • Puppy Clips

    This service includes a warm spa bath & blow dry brush. The delicate areas tidied, around the eyes & feet are scissored. Finished off with a bow and perfume, kiss and a cuddle.
  • The Works

    Traditional Breed Cuts or a Standard Clip. We can accommodate your needs just tell us the length you want & we’ll do the rest. Warm spa bath & blow dry brush. The delicate areas tidied, around the eyes & feet are scissored. Finished off with a bow and perfume.
  • Face, feet & Tail

    Do you like the current hair length that your best friend has currently? If so, this is the perfect service for you. This is also great for a freshen up in between full clips & the cooler months. The delicate areas tidied, around the eyes & feet are scissored. Finished off with a bow and perfume.
  • Mini Pamper

    Need a freshen up? Try our mini pamper package. Warm spa bath, blow dry & brush out. Nails clipped and Ears plucked & or cleaned. All Finished off with a bow or bandanna and perfume.
  • Express Spruce Up

    Warm Spa Bath & a towel dry. Ears & nails, perfume spray.
  • Turbo De-Shed

    Ideal for double coated breeds such as Pomeranian, Border Collie, Golden Retriever, Husky, Malamute. A refreshing hand bath using special shampoo to loosen the undercoat fur that sheds around the house, followed by a fluffy blow dry. Using a special brush we remove the undercoat and any tangles from the coat. Ears are cleaned, nails are clipped, finishing with a spray of perfume. Your pet will feel clean and revitalized and your house hair free
  • Hydrobaths

    Hydrobaths are also available every Saturday to help keep your pooches smelling their best.
  • Medicated Shampoo Baths

    Is your pet needing a special bath to help with a skin condition? No problem, our Pet Stylists are regularly trained by our veterinary team to ensure bathing techniques and treatments are delivered at the highest possible standard. Call us to discuss your needs.