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Senior Pet Health

Pets are living longer and have a higher quality of life than ever before, thanks to better preventive care,Old Dog standing in loungeroom advances in veterinary medicine and better nutrition.

As a caring owner, you play a key role in helping your senior pet remain healthy. Around the age of seven, dogs and cats are considered seniors, and begin to enter their “golden” years. The decisions you make regarding health care, nutrition and exercise, have a big impact on your older pet.

The ageing of your pet is a natural process and is irreversible.  As cats and dogs grow older, their bodies undergo significant changes and their need for care and attention increases.  Many diseases associated with advanced age can be prevented or successfully treated.

A touch of grey around the muzzle, a less-frisky attitude and trouble getting out of bed are some of the more obvious physical changes you might see in your senior dog or cat. Other changes may be more subtle.

It takes a watchful eye to recognize what may be early signs of disease or health problems. Often when you see outward signs of disease, your pet has already lost significant organ function and has actually been dealing with this disease state for some time.

cats-main_FullWe want to work with you on preventing, recognizing, and managing some common and serious health issues that our older pets will encounter as they move through their “Golden Years”.  On our site you’ll find a collection of articles dedicated to senior animals and how to look after them.  Our friendly and experienced nurses are always happy to chat to you about senior pet health and answer any questions you may have about your furry family member.  And finally, we are happy to have a special Senior Starter health care package which includes a comprehensive health check with one of our friendly vets as well as extensive lab testing to screen for early signs.  Simply call the clinic on 3849 4912 to ask any questions you might have or to book your beloved senior in.