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Winter Warmers & Competition

Why Winter Grooming?

It’s winter, the days are shorter, the nights are colder and of course the dogs coats are longer. Dogs actually need more attention during these cooler months, with no grooming their coats will matt, causing pain and potentially skin problems. We have some grooming options perfect for winter. Our amazing groomers, Carly and Lauren, are ready to pamper your pets leaving them clean and beautiful all winter long.

Whether you’re looking for a light tidy up or a special treat for your perfect pet, you’ll find just what you’re looking for in our Winter Warmer menu below. Check out our Winter competition details. Book online or give us a call on 3849 1492 to secure a convenient time.

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Winter Warmers Menu

  • Comb Clip

    Perfect for a little tidy up this Winter. Comb Clips are perfect for winter . Using a special comb attachment we are able to trim your dogs hair only bit, keeping it longer than a typical summer cut. Perfect to neaten and tidy up their hair, keeping your pet comfortable and cosy.
  • Warm Fluffy Blow Dry

    This treatment leaves your pet feeling happy and refreshed. A warm bath and relaxing massage followed by a warm fluffy blow dry. We remove any tangles from the coat , clip the nails and clean the ears.
  • Pawdicure

    Ideal for dogs who lick their paws constantly. This treatment starts with an Alovera paw scrub that cleans the paws thoroughly. The paws are soaked in a deep cleansing fizz solution which contains tea tree extract to soften and condition the paw and nail. The nails are then clipped and filed, followed by a Grapeseed Oil Paw Revitaliser to moisturise and rejuvenate. Finishing off with a nail pawlish of your choice, this will prevent the nails from cracking.
  • Turbo De-Shed & Blow Dry

    This treatment is ideal for double coated breeds ie. Husky, Malamute, Border Collie, Golden Retriever or Pomeranian). A warm hand bath using special shampoo to loosen the undercoat fur that sheds around the house, followed by a warm blow dry. Using a special brush we de-shed and get any tangle outs. Ears are cleaned, nails are clipped, then we finish with a spray of perfume. Your pet will feel clean, revitalised and your house hair free.
  • Winter Tidy Up

    If your not wanting to take any length off over winter then the tidy up is ideal. A warm hand bath and relaxing massage followed by a refreshing blow dry. The hygiene areas are tidied up along with the face and legs scissored. The ears are cleaned, nails are clipped, then we finish with a spray of cologne.
  • Winter Competition

    During June, July and August all our visiting clients will be entered into a draw for an exciting prize. You have the chance to win 1 of 3 Pet Pamper Packs valued at $100 each.