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Welcome to the Carindale Vet!

We invite you to take a sneak peek at our facilities in the video below. You will see firsthand the care and attention we put into every aspect of our clinic. We are proud of our facilities and look forward to welcoming you and your furry friend.

Let us give you a quick tour of our clinic, and show you some of the facilities we have at your pets disposal.



This is our bright, spacious reception room where owners and their pets first meet our friendly staff.  Animals arriving for grooming appointments, veterinary consultations, and surgeries are all welcomed here.  In our reception area, we also stock a comprehensive range of Hills Science diet dog and cat foods and non-prescription medications and other treatments such as flea, tick and worm treatments.  Our staff members are knowledgeable and ready to help.  This is also, where we weigh dogs on our electronic scales.



Here is one of our three consultation rooms, which now include a dedicated room for our nurses.  These are also equipped with digital scales so that cats and our smaller patients can be weighed.



This is our treatment area where we perform minor procedures and prepare our surgery patients with clipping and cleaning. We often perform dental procedures here and other small non-sterile surgeries requiring anaesthetic or sedation. The area can be set up with dental and anaesthetic machines, anaesthetic monitoring equipment, heating pad and fluid pump to help these procedures go very smoothly for our patients.



This is our dedicated surgery room, which is set up for our sterile procedures.  All the equipment, drapes, and materials used for surgeries are sterilised in an autoclave and we keep a range of drugs and equipment in this room within easy reach for the nurses assisting our surgeons.  We use isofluorane gas anaesthetic and supply intravenous fluids during all our surgeries to help our patients have a safe surgery and comfortable recovery.  Our surgery also features a digital radiography screen to allow x-rays to be consulted during orthopaedic surgeries.



This is our radiography room.  You cannot see it from the outside but this room is plated in lead!  Lead sheeting has been placed in the walls of this room to make radiography safe for our staff and patients.  We use radiographs to examine internal structures such as bones and soft tissue such as the chest and abdomen.  Our radiography suite is fully digital allowing us to easily consult with orthopaedic surgery specialists or transfer to specialist centres if required.



Here is some of our laboratory equipment.  These machines can analyse blood samples and give us the results printed out within a few minutes.  Additionally, these machines allow for comparison of previous blood tests done at the clinic so that we can pick up on any concerning trends before your pet is starting to show any signs of disease.  We also use a microscope and many other pieces of laboratory equipment every day in our practice to diagnose medical problems and monitor ongoing cases.



We keep a wide range of useful drugs and treatments in our in-house pharmacy. This ensures that you can go home with any medication that your pet requires to be started straight away.



These cages are gently heated and ensure comfort for patients recovering from surgery or sick patients whom require a little extra care.  Our ICU is located in the treatment area, which means patients are constantly monitored by our experienced team.



This is our dog ward.  These cages are used for our canine patients during their stay and can be set up with fluid pumps, heating pads and other equipment to ensure your dogs are comfortable and have everything they need.  We have a variety of sized beds in our dog ward including some nice big dog runs for our bigger patients to sleep comfortably.



This is our cat ward.  Our cages are very new, super clean, and comfortable.  We know cats like to have some space away from the dogs and we give them their own room with their own air conditioning system away from the hustle and bustle of the clinic.  These cages comfortably fit a litter tray and a cat privacy tent to allow our patients to have even more privacy if they would like.



A brand new hydrobath ensures that your pooch gets their most thorough bath as well as saving water.



Here is where our wonderful animal stylists do their work.  It is separate from the hydrobath room and feeds directly into the dog ward.

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