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Luxury suite accommodation with professional care, giving you peace of mind. 

We understand that cats have specific requirements for their holiday stays and our boarding facility has been designed with cats in mind.  Each suite is themed with a different destination featuring a relaxing view to ensure that while you’re away on holiday, your beloved feline friend can enjoy their holiday with us as well.

Outside view of 3 suits


All of our luxury suites are climate controlled 24/7, throughout summer and winter to ensure our guests are kept comfortable and at the perfect temperature.

Each suite has individual air vents which supply a constant stream of fresh air.  This ensures there is no recirculating of stale air, which promotes optimal healthy conditions in their home away from home.

Outside view of 3 suites


Not only comfortable and sensory, our suites are designed to ensure our guest is safe.  All flooring, bedding and fixtures are designed to be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected with safe, low odour cleaning products.

We know that cats love to be in the cleanest environment possible without a reminder of the previous guest.  Your cat will be super happy with our house keeping service.

New York Suite


We know what cats love, they will feel so secure and comfortable they won’t want to leave!

Plenty of steps up allowing exploration.  As cats prefer to sit as high up as possible it lets them feel more content.

Lots of hiding spaces - some cats prefer to find places to hide.  This also allows access to a smaller, cosy place for the cats to snuggle.

Ramps are built in to ensure that our older guests are not confined to the ground floor.  Kind to the joints, it lets them explore the higher fixtures of the enclosures comfortably.

Privacy for each cat is in mind with the layout of the suites which lets them feel like they are in their own personal space.

Comfort is key - there are plenty of comfy cushions and bedding, something that every cat loves.  There is a lot of bedding variety in each suite to accommodate your cat’s personal preference.  This ensures each guest finds their perfect space.

Japan Suite


Rest assured, we can accommodate your kitty’s special needs. As we are located within a veterinary clinic, all of our guests have their needs met by our qualified veterinary team. This ensures that any changes or issues can be noticed and actioned straight away.

If your kitty is needing medication or extra personal attention, our caring and experienced team can cater to their needs. Your cat’s health and well-being are always our primary concern.

Great Barrier Reef Suite


Highest Quality Food

All of our guests are fed Hill’s veterinary food which helps to ensure that they are happy and regular.  There is no extra charge if your cat has any particular dietary requirements or if you would like to provide your owner food.

Feliway Pheromone

This is a wonderful pheromone which cats give off when they’re happy in their homes.  Having this pheromone constantly running via a diffuser means that all of our guests stay super happy and feel secure.  To help them settle in as soon as they arrive, their new bedding is also infused with Feliway pheromone.

Exercise Gym

Each or our guests has daily play sessions on our wonderful cat gym.  This ensures that all of our guests get maximal enrichment and also lets our carers get plenty of time for pats and cuddles.

If you would like to make a booking you can call Carindale Vet Surgery on (07) 3849 4912 or feel free to pop by for a tour any time.

Comfy Cat Inn Logo
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